Protection of mineral water – How the gift of nature is preserved

As a natural product, mineral water is subject to special protection. The legislator has defined clear rules that preserve mineral water in its existence and quality in the long term. For example, not every water can be called “natural mineral water”. This title is reserved for waters that meet the relevant requirements of the Mineral and Panel Water Regulation (MTVO). These include the natural development of the water and its extraction from underground water deposits protected from contamination as well as its content of natural minerals and trace elements, the composition of which is constant. In order to preserve the natural purity and quality of mineral water, the law permits only a few treatment methods such as the addition or withdrawal of carbonic acid or the separation of iron and sulfur. All this is done gently by ventilation or filtration. A so-called desulfurization and deironing is carried out for taste and visual reasons.

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3 Fashion tips for the Y-type figure

If you are a woman with Y-figure, then your center of gravity is located on the upper body. They have broad, often very square shoulders and a large chest. This contrasts with an almost girlish graceful lower body. In between is a rather straight waist. The highlights of the woman with Y-figure their wonderful, long legs, narrow hips and the pretty little butt that must be fashionable to stage. In this article, I have listed the top 10 fashion tips, make your shoulder-hugging figure really legs. At best, you soon see the article “proportions rather than problem areas” to see if you are a Y-type figure.

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Latex is still recommended

Something unfashionable are latex mattresses. They were popular in the 90s, but even today to recommend thoroughly. “They consist of a rubber foam and supported very well,” says Wieland. “Therefore, they are particularly suitable for slightly heavier people.” The mattresses enter only at the locations to where they are loaded and return when released back into the starting position. And the material making under stress growing resistance, which contributes to the relaxation of all the muscles. Since the mattress but also itself has a fairly heavy weight, it is not easy to turn them regularly so that they stay in shape.
Spine must lie flat

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How to clean the mattress in the cot

Your little ones spend as much time to sleep so that is just the sleeping environment is particularly important. We show you how to clean the mattress of the crib or child’s bed and protects against germs and bacteria. Through these tips for thorough and safe cleaning of the cot mattress your baby stays healthy, even while it is sleeping.

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