Valve Injectors / Nozzles Gasoline Injection From Our Shop

After passing through the intake valve, the fuel and air mixture is collected inside the block head and poured into the combustion chamber. This operation must be carefully monitored to ensure optimum combustion. Only in this way can you increase engine performance and decrease fuel consumption. This is done by injectors, which act as nozzles. The mixture is distributed by injectors in the form of bundles of so many droplets.

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Joint bearing from our shop

Each suspension of the wheel equipped with articulated axles corresponding to the steered axles. They determine the orientation and the necessary support for the wheels. The support comes from above, while the orientation is ensured in a free manner. Therefore, each steering wheel requires two axial joints. The lower is called suspension articulations, while the upper rallino is called. They are attached to the bearing body of the wheel and the axle.

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Engine bonnet compartment in our store

An engineer responsible for engine design might think that the engine hood is of no importance. In fact, the first cars that were not equipped for this.
Technically, interest in the implementation of the bonnet has been highlighted by some fuel-related consumer considerations. Aesthetic reasons have only emerged when the hood has become an important element for branding. For obvious reasons, this feature can not be neglected today because the front of the car is the one that creates the first impression.

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Clothes for the full girls of the Autumn-Winter season

In addition to clothing for skinny ladies, fashionmakers try to please and girls with more magnificent forms. So in their collections are given in a new season dresses-cases, outerwear, skirts-pencils, trousers, suits, jeans and accessories. If you choose the right clothes, you can hide certain shortcomings of the figure. What kind of clothes for lush women can be chosen in the upcoming autumn-winter season?

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Power supply for notebook

Unit power of the laptop allows communication devices to the grid, which is necessary for smooth operation of the equipment in stationary mode. Furthermore, the power supply is responsible for converting the supply voltage into a voltage of the main elements of the notebook, and the battery charging and protection device on the computer from overvoltage. To find the original power adapter for your laptop is not enough to know the model.

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Narrow orange pencil skirt

Orange mini-skirt can be worn with a dress shirt or blouse calm colors. The perfect solution here are things dark green, beige, gray or graphite. On top of these shirts can throw a black jacket and brown, the color is chosen and shoes.

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