And the mandatory rule is to wear clothes with confidence

Workwear in the office must follow the basic rules of the accepted clothing code in the company and also be comfortable and comfortable enough for work. A variety of pants and skirts, blouses, jackets fitted or lost, elongated vests and many key-less accessories will allow you to create your own style.

Owners of a luxury figure should not hesitate to wear a dress because it is a universal garment suitable for all women, most importantly, to find a suitable pattern. First of all, it is worth noting the stereotype that a summer dress for fat women must be free. On the contrary, a three-dimensional figure will look unformed and add only visual volume. But the right dresses perfectly emphasize the dignity of the magnificent figure.

Choosing summer dresses, you should pay attention to patterns with an exaggerated waistline. This dress will hide your belly full and your hips and also draw your attention to your chest. so try to choose chest-accented dresses. The perfect summer clothing for women with lush shapes is a “A” trapezoidal silhouette, with a waist under the chest and a neck with a V or a square neck.

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