Both types can be equipped with special remote controls

In the open position the leaf is located horizontally under the ceiling. In order to provide additional comfort in such garage doors, they are equipped with automatic drives, which are of two types:

Torsion system of lifting garage doors has gained wide popularity among owners of private garages. It is a drive that is fixed in the center of the ceiling at a distance of a few meters from the reception. The system connects the door sections and the drive with a cable and a drawbar.
Bulk drive is often used for industrial doors, it is more powerful than the previous system and has been specifically designed for massive gates. The bulk type is in the form of an electric motor mounted above the garage opening near the shaft. The mechanisms lift the gate sections using the force of the shaft revolutions. The motor is equipped with a special chain, which allows you to control the gate when the power is switched off.

Elevated sectional view of the gate has a number of positive and negative characteristics. The bonus points include the following criteria:

The design saves space. Because of the position in the open state of the wing under the ceiling, the gates do not occupy any space in the room or outside.
Long life and thermal insulation properties of the material. The use of sandwich panels in the production of door sections ensures the reliability of the entire screen. The use of modern technologies in their development results in a reliable heat-insulating effect.
Good sound insulation. This quality is achieved by the use of sandwich panels.
Universal application. The design allows the installation of the mechanism at the openings of different sizes. Therefore, sectional doors are convenient and available in the industry and at home options.
The doors are relatively insensitive to deformations and mechanical damage.

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