Auto Climate Service

Some of the AC service operations that our company can run for the car and for your comfort:

Repairs freon losses with freon and UV detectors
Freon load
Change filter dehumidifier
Air conditioning cleaning
Pressure tests of the installation
Compressor replacement, purge valves, programmers, filters
Copper and aluminum welding for pipes and capacitors
Refrigeration service

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Joint bearing from our shop

Each suspension of the wheel equipped with articulated axles corresponding to the steered axles. They determine the orientation and the necessary support for the wheels. The support comes from above, while the orientation is ensured in a free manner. Therefore, each steering wheel requires two axial joints. The lower is called suspension articulations, while the upper rallino is called. They are attached to the bearing body of the wheel and the axle.

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Alcohol limit: The need to motorists on drink-driving knowledge

In Germany there is only since 1953 a so-called alcohol limit. This was initially set at 1.5 per thousand. The combination of high tolerance and an increasing number of vehicles leaving the statistics of road deaths, however skyrocket. Nevertheless, one responded until 1973 and corrected the alcohol limit to 0.8. In April 2001, the Federal Court passed the value again.

Which alcohol limit applies to drivers?
From 0.3 per thousand, a motorist makes prosecution if there is evidence of a driving uncertainty (z. B. serpentine drive). The speech is then a relative inability to drive, which can lead to conviction entirely. Anyone who has a blood alcohol concentration of at least 0.5 parts per thousand in the blood, is prosecuted for an offense. From 1.1 per thousand, the authorities open criminal investigations.

Can novice drivers drink alcohol?
For drivers who are still in the two-year trial period, a strict alcohol ban. This must next taxi and bus drivers line note also those who have not attained the age of 21.

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Abarth 595 Yamaha Factory Racing Edition: Promotions for world title

Abarth feiert seine Partnerschaft mit Yamaha Racing: Zum großen Erfolg bei der Moto GP gibt es jetzt eine Sonderaktion. Wer Glück hat, erhält zum schnellen Kleinwagen Abarth 595 auch noch ein Rennmotorrad.

Das Yamaha-Racing-Team war 2015 überaus erfolgreich: Doppelweltmeister mit Jorge Lorenzo und Valentino Rossi. Klar, dass das gefeiert werden muss. Und zwar bei Kooperationspartner Abarth: Die auf 80 Exemplare limitierte Sonderedition des Abarth 595 kommt mit satten 160 PS, Koni-Fahrwerk mit Eibach-Federn, “Monza” Abgasanlage und edlem Innenraum. Der eigentliche Clou der Rennsemmel ist jedoch die Chance auf eine Yamaha YZF-R6, die einer der 80 Käufer per Los erhält.

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