Floral dresses

For bright clothes, of course, you need bright accessories. Choose varnished bags with modern colors.

Bright bag
To dress stylishly and fashionably, you need to know everything about the new styles that have emerged recently in our region:
The first is the style of the Wild West.

It includes different hats, shorts, cowboy boots. This style is also characterized by denim clothing and colorful shirts.

Style Wild West
The second is a SWAG style that came to us from America.

For some, it may seem just crazy, but it’s fashionable. This includes things with rivets, thorns.

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All mammals need the same time to go to the toilet

All animals go to the toilet. In this case, mammals have one interesting feature: according to a recent study, all representatives of this class go “in large” the same amount of time.

12 seconds – this is how much the defecation process takes in the mammal, regardless of its size: whether it’s a domestic cat or a huge elephant. This time was established by scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology during the observation of animals from the zoo in Atlanta. In the field of study were 34 representatives of the animal world, among them were elephants, pandas, warthogs and just local dogs living in the zoo. In addition, dozens of video materials were examined and the work of other research groups was studied. It is noted that the animals coped with their deeds in about 12 seconds regardless of body weight, length of the rectum or stool size.

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Down with high heels!

Yes, it is to say about slender legs and tightening the muscles, but not their own desire to look impressive, there is no need to herniated plates, degenerative plate disease and pains in the foot without male attention. The foot performs a spring function, and when wearing high heel shoes, it completely turns off.

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English courses, how to choose English courses

English language courses are a great way to improve your level of knowledge. In order to get the best result you need to choose the right company that offers such services. Today we will try to find out how to find a really worthwhile language school and professional teachers.
Purpose of the study

First of all, you should decide what you want to learn English for. Depending on this, the type of courses is selected. Consider the most popular options that most organizations offer:

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Power supply for notebook

Unit power of the laptop allows communication devices to the grid, which is necessary for smooth operation of the equipment in stationary mode. Furthermore, the power supply is responsible for converting the supply voltage into a voltage of the main elements of the notebook, and the battery charging and protection device on the computer from overvoltage. To find the original power adapter for your laptop is not enough to know the model.

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Business etiquette UK

the British are known for their distinctive courtesy. This applies not only for the much quoted queue on the bus. Even with skepticism keeps one back, negative is formulated less directly or evenly packed nice. Thus acts the outspoken German way of expressing criticism on the British slightly rude. Who indicating risks and a new idea once skeptical illuminated from all sides, quickly applicable at the enthusiastic British as worriers. For them, it is especially important to express praise and recognition. “Who bears responsibility personnel that must be considered absolutely, not to demotivate the employees,” says Leven from experience.

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Color or neutral ton?

The danger to be conservative in furniture choice is greater than in the choice of clothing – although I find pure style moderate, it would conversely attractive. A great form strong or colored furniture is an apartment style and personality and can live harmoniously with other styles. Fashionable seen, an eccentric choice often come out wrong, because the flash coat or trendy pants are usually not flattering choice.

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AFD chief Frauke Petry: Ex-teacher settles on Facebook

After the state elections Frauke Petry does not get the smile off her face. Your party is drawn into double digits three diets. But one who is likely to spoil their good mood, their former teacher. The count on facebook from the AFD chief. His commentary has it.

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The success of the AFD in the state elections last Sunday was apparently no fluke. A new “star” -rtl-poll, the populist party would third strongest force in parliament, if this Sunday would be chosen.

A significant share of this AFD chief Frauke Petry. At a press conference she indulged the success of their party and defended their anti-Islam course. Too bad: With the truth it seems Petry not to take things so precisely.

Peuckmann: Frauke Petry lying
A former teacher of Frauke Petry contradicts the AFD chief vehemently at one point. In an article published on Tuesday post on Facebook the writer Heinrich Peuckmann accuses the AFD chief of falsehood.

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The NASA probe “New Horizons”

Washington (dpa) – The NASA probe “New Horizons” has discovered on Pluto a large icy surface. The surface of the plane, which can be seen on a published Friday new closeup of dwarf planets, remember at first glance to frozen mud, said the US space agency NASA with in Washington.

She’s probably younger than 100 million years after the first estimates of researchers and is probably still shaped by geological forces. Scientists named the area that is located in a kind of light heart on the surface of Pluto, “Sputnik-level”. Their origin can not exactly explain.

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