How to choose a tie for a colored shirt: table

Now, consider specific examples that will help you determine what tie to choose for a particular shirt. If you use them, you can always look harmonious and aesthetically pleasing.

Combination of colors and patterns: table

With a black shirt, a purple, vivid or lilac tie is perfectly combined. To create a contrast, a blue tie will work and its pattern can repeat the pattern of the shirt. A delicate combination is obtained when combining a pink shirt and a gray tie.
The blue shirt is perfectly combined with a blue tie, it can be monophonic or with a pattern or pattern. The main thing is that the color of the shirt is not too saturated to avoid distracting attention. A red tie will look original on a blue background. The bravest can choose the orange tie.
With a blue shirt, you’d better tie a gray shade. An interesting combination is obtained with a red witch tie. If the shirt is dark, a classic black tie will work. For a vacation and parties without a strict clothing code, you can wear a yellow tie.
The bodice of Bordeaux is best combined with a black or blue tie. A spectacular combination will be a Bordeaux shirt and a blue tie that will have the same tone as the shirt.
The purple shirt looks good with a gray tie and her tone should be tighter. Also suitable is a black or violet tie with a pattern like a shirt.

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