This is crazy

This is crazy: Even before the first Porsche 911 R ever rolled to the customer, the model is already offered on the Internet as a used car – a wicked 1.25 million euros!

Sure, in limited sports cars from renowned manufacturers can make a good deal, many of them are worth more after a few years as their original price. But the new purist Porsche 911 R appears to set the rules of this appreciation overridden: A buyer of the new 190,000 euro expensive sports car, the vehicle offers already on the German Internet Vehicle Sales “” at: for 1,250,000 euros! And, although he did not even get to Renner.

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AFD chief Frauke Petry: Ex-teacher settles on Facebook

After the state elections Frauke Petry does not get the smile off her face. Your party is drawn into double digits three diets. But one who is likely to spoil their good mood, their former teacher. The count on facebook from the AFD chief. His commentary has it.

Spend your gold into cash
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The success of the AFD in the state elections last Sunday was apparently no fluke. A new “star” -rtl-poll, the populist party would third strongest force in parliament, if this Sunday would be chosen.

A significant share of this AFD chief Frauke Petry. At a press conference she indulged the success of their party and defended their anti-Islam course. Too bad: With the truth it seems Petry not to take things so precisely.

Peuckmann: Frauke Petry lying
A former teacher of Frauke Petry contradicts the AFD chief vehemently at one point. In an article published on Tuesday post on Facebook the writer Heinrich Peuckmann accuses the AFD chief of falsehood.

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For a vendor-neutral Hörstudie we look across Germany participants with hearing loss. The aim of the study is to detect the sense of hearing and the quality of life thus won for the latest hearing of the leading manufacturers. The study takes about 4-8 weeks, the participation is free and without obligation. The number of participants is limited to 1,000 subjects.
of age

What to expect
Simply fill out the following form. Before long, one of our hearing care professionals will contact you by phone. This will discuss your individual listening situation and can you log into one of our 700 participating locations then. At your first appointment at one of our sites we do a hearing test with you and set up the most suitable for you hearing aids. You will then have the opportunity to test the hearing aid in your everyday life. audi bene leads, unlike other hearing care professionals all major manufacturers. Therefore, we can recommend the hearing aid that match your hearing loss the best in the test phase of a large bandwidth.

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The NASA probe “New Horizons”

Washington (dpa) – The NASA probe “New Horizons” has discovered on Pluto a large icy surface. The surface of the plane, which can be seen on a published Friday new closeup of dwarf planets, remember at first glance to frozen mud, said the US space agency NASA with in Washington.

She’s probably younger than 100 million years after the first estimates of researchers and is probably still shaped by geological forces. Scientists named the area that is located in a kind of light heart on the surface of Pluto, “Sputnik-level”. Their origin can not exactly explain.

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Novelty Clocks: This timepiece has not any wrist – part 2

So small and inconspicuous some wristwatch comes, puts inside but a sophisticated technique that must achieve a lot in a small space. The main components of a mechanical watch, the driving device with associated lift, the wheels, the display device with pointers or Spring figures resting, back leading or free escapement and the transitional arrangements means balance, ball, pendulum or torsion pendulum. Mechanical movements are reared with a crown in the pocket or wristwatches or for larger watches with a key or weight.
While simple movements have only one hour and a minute hand, more elaborate models have to offer more features. These are also called complications and mean like second hand, date display, weekday, alarms, stopwatch, moon phases. There are also other types of ads, such as only an hour hand in hand watch or the display by using rotating disks with a cutout in the Scheibenuhr.

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Novelty Clocks: This timepiece has not any wrist

The clock is our daily companion. But there are also specimens that are out of line. They are incredibly expensive, huge or just original. Here is a small collection of interesting facts and curiosities around the timepiece.
From waking up to falling asleep measure watch the hours, minutes and seconds in a day. When is the train? When does the appointment? When is closing time? Countless times draws the eye on the day on dial and hands. The watch has become an indispensable companion in various areas of everyday life. But what is actually behind this little marvel that sets the pace in our lives?
Years ago about 5,000 man began to divide the day into time segments.

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Pluto red secret

The Pluto in the outskirts of our solar system is anything but a monotonous desert of ice. This is confirmed by researchers in the latest issue of “Science”.

Images of the probe “New Horizons” show a varied landscape: wide, nearly smooth plains, flowing glaciers, rugged terrain, gorges, mountains, craters, faults, and more.

Pluto baffled researchers
Dunes on the dwarf planet indicate once thicker atmosphere.
Around 30 different types of terrain has made a recent by NASA map. Some regions are geologically with an age of more than ten million years very young, others up to four billion years old. Active geological processes shaping obvious parts of the surface continually reshaped.

The dwarf planet, it is extremely cold at about minus 230 degrees Celsius. Various types of ice covering the planet, including nitrogen (N2), carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3) and of course, water ice (H2O), which piles up to kilometers high mountains partly.

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